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Landscaping Danvers MA

C&C Landscaping offers a wide range of landscaping and lawn maintenance services to residential and commercial customers throughout the North Shore Danvers MA area. With a skilled team of landscapers who are passionate about creating beautiful landscapes, we bring to you the best in landscape design and grounds maintenance services.

Our Danvers MA Landscaping Services Include:

Spring Clean Ups Danvers MA

Spring is the time for new sprouting. It is also time to clear up the havoc that winter wreaks on your property. Danvers MA spring clean up services from C&C Landscaping include clearing up dead leaves, mulching, edging, trenching, aeration, weed control, de-thatching and fertilization to repair winter damage. As part of our yard maintenance, we dispose of waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Fall Clean Ups Danvers MA

Prepare your lawn, shrubs and garden for the harsh Danvers MA winter with our fall clean up services. As part of this service, we prune the plants, clean the fallen leaves, provide effective drainage in your lawn, prepare the beds, clean up the debris and treat infections or diseases in the plants.

New Lawn Installs Danvers MA

At C&C Landscaping, we offer both sodding and seeding methods for new lawn installs. We always make sure that the sods and seeds are of the highest quality and most suitable for the New England weather.

Hydroseeding Danvers MA

Hydroseeding is a method of seeding a lawn using a blend of seeds and mulch. The mixture is sprayed directly into the soil using special equipment. Our team uses certified turf mix for hydroseeding to ensure that the mulch is free of weed and unwanted seeds. Hydroseeding is an excellent way of seeding lawns because it helps the soil retain moisture, enables quicker seed germination and is suitable for all types of terrains.

Lawn Overseeding Danvers MA

Lawn overseeding is a great way to cover the thin bald patches on your lawn and give it a lush carpet look. Overseeding is also a way of infusing health and freshness into the lawn. We use pest resistant grass seeds that ensure that your lawn stays healthy and durable.

Fertilizing Services Danvers MA

Fertilizing makes the lawn healthier, thicker, greener and more resistant towards stress, weeds, diseases and other unwanted growths. At C&C Landscaping, we understand the kind of fertilization that different types of grasses need and apply fertilizers accordingly.

Shrub Work - Planting and Pruning Danvers MA

Shrubs need consistent care and C&C Landscaping is equipped to do it effectively. From planting shrubs to pruning and maintenance, we do it all. We recommend shrubs that are suitable for the local climate and make sure that they are of the best quality. The proper cutting methods we use ensure good health of the plants.

Mulching and Edging Landscaping Danvers MA

Mulching protects the soil and plant roots, retains moisture and promotes better growth. Edging is a great way of providing definition to your flower beds and accentuating the space. We use bricks, stones and other materials for edging to give a new dimension to your landscape architecture.

Lawn Dethatching Danvers MA

Thatch protects your lawn but too much of it can suffocate the grass. We study the thatch growth in your lawn and use specialized equipment to remove the excess thatch for best results. We work to make sure that your lawn remains lush and healthy.

Lawn Aerating Danvers MA

Aerating is the process of infusing air into the soil. Compact soil is unhealthy for plants as it hampers the circulation of nutrients and water. Aeration rejuvenates the soil and promotes healthy growth. At C&C Landscaping, we use different techniques for lawn aerating depending on the type of soil and its requirements.

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