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Lawn Dethatching - Dethatch Lawn

Dethatching is one of the basic functions of lawn care. Dethatching is all about controlling thatch in your lawn. If you watch your lawn closely, you can notice a layer of dead grass and roots between the soil and the green blades of grass. This layer is called thatch. While a little bit of thatch can effectively protect the lawn and help retain moisture, too much of it can hamper the health of your lawn. At C&C Landscaping, we offer expert lawn dethatching services that are safe and healthy for the lawn.  

Benefits of Dethatching

  • Better air and nutrient supply to the soil
  • Healthier and more resistant grass 
  • More effective fertilization
  • Effective draining 
  • Encourages root growth

Lawn Dethatching Experts at C&C Landscaping

  • Effective and safe dethatching services
  • Cost effective dethatching services
  • Free quote prior to dethatching 
  • Professional and timely service 
  • Guaranteed work

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